Committees for the year 2017‐2018

Dr. A.B. Pawar - Principal, is the president of all the committees & Associations

Curricular Activities

Library Association Smt. S.C. Kamule
Literary Association Prof. V.M. Tirlapur
Science Association Prof. R.S. Bawadekar
Examination Committee Prof. G.Y. Bennalkar
Time Table Committee Prof. S.S. Chavan

Co-Curricular Activities

Induction Committee Prof. J.B. Anchi
Nomination Committee Prof. R.M. Teli
Competition Committee Prof. A.A. Mutgekar
College Magazine Prof. S.S. Chavan

Extra Curricular Activities

Gymkhana & Sports Committee Prof. S.S. Chavan
Trips & Excursion Prof. R.M. Teli
Ladies Association Dr. N.H. Rampur
Parent Teacher Association Prof. K.G. Hoskoti
Placement Cell Prof. H. J. Molerakhi
Discipline Committee Smt. S.C. Kamule
Red Cross Unit Prof. G.M. Karki
Anti Ragging Cell Prof. V. M. Tirlapur
Anti Sexual Harassment Cell Prof. A.A. Mutgekar
Grievance Redressal Cell Prof. A.A. Mutgekar
IQAC Committee Prof. R.S. Bawadekar
NSS Officer Prof. R.M. Teli
NCC Officer Miss. S. Y. Mudakappagol
Red Ribbon Club Prof. V.M. Tirlapur
Student Welfare Cell Prof. K.G. Hosakoti
SC/ST Cell Prof. K.G. Hosakoti
Alumni Association Prof. G.Y. Bennalkar
Cultural Association Prof. V.M. Tirlapur