Every student should adhere to the following rules and regulations.

  1. The Principal reserves the right to reject any admission, if the candidate is found to be having
    objectionable behavior.
  2. If, in the opinion of the Principal any student is found to be having objectionable behavior after
    the admission, he or she can be rusticated from the College.
  3. Attendance to all the Periods is compulsory. If the attendance of any student is less than 75%
    of the periods conducted in each class, he/she will not be permitted to appear for the
  4. Wearing of Personal Identity Card (PIC) is compulsory, If this rule is not followed by any
    student, he/she will have to pay Penalty on the spot and he/she will not be permitted to be in
    the campus.
  5. No student is allowed to stand or loiter in the verandah of the College during lecture hours.
  6. The students should be well dressed inconsistence with Indian ethos.
  7. Students are forbidden from writing, disfiguring or making mark on walls, desks, etc.,
  8. No student shall misbehave or ill-treat parents, teachers, employees and other students either
    inside or outside the College.
  9. No student is allowed to possess or consume ghutka, pan, chewing gum, alcoholic drinks or
    any other intoxicants. Smoking is strictly prohibited.