Institutional Best Practices

1. literacy program in slum. area .The slum area near the college has been selected by the college and the illiterates of the slum GANGWADI. was identified and they were taken into confidence and were told how the literacy program will help them to co-op with their banking transactions and also to their knowledge .about 30 slum dwellers were selected and they were given the writing materials and asked to attend the classes.So every month twice the teaching has been carried out to the slum people.the days and time were according their convenience. so the 3 staff and 10 students of the college were involved in this program.

the materials like slate ,board,charts,chalk pieces,pen ,pencils,writing pads have arranged by the staff incharge and the program was carried out successfully for the period of 2019-20.the program was very successful and attracted the slum dwellers who participated in the program,the program was also extended to all the slum dwellers at the time of film-shows and street plays given by staff and students,it was very much appreciated and welcomed by the beneficiaries.

2.Common Assembly. the institution has been practicing a common assembly at the college, Everyday before starting the classes all staff and students gather in the open premises and sing a naadgeete followed by rastrageete. All students are enthusiastic and feel fine to attend the assembly .The assembly is providing a platform for all the announcements, notices, and sharing of views ,reading of important news of the day,of national,local importance,and als students are allowed to share their thougts in relevance to the particular day,like memorizing an event of national pride,achievement of the college,or individuals which includes staff ,students management,.